Beastmasters are always eager to find fresh subjects, for the many perils of battlefield, gladiatorial arena and neglect ensure that stables suffer a high rate of attrition. Small bands of Beastmasters roam the wilds in Scourgerunner Chariots, searching fen, crag and cave for suitable prizes. Armed with barbed nets and harpoons attached to strong chains, they snare and immobilise their prey. Once captured, the beast is trussed securely, yoked to the back of the chariot and dragged many miles back to Clar Karond where a life of slavery and torment awaits it - if the creature survives the journey at all.[1a]

Scourgerunner Chariots are a common sight on the battlefield, where they search for suitable 'recruits' amongst the enemy ranks. If no fitting candidate presents itself, the Beastmasters vent their frustration as best they can, cutting down foemen with lash, blade and harpoon before claiming the twitching bodies as fodder for their hungry charges.[1a]


  • Ravager Harpoon: This is a that can be fired even if the Scourgerunner Chariot moves, and fires barbed bolts.[1a]


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