Seiglief Hartmut

Seigleif Hartmut

There are oxen in the world with less bulk than Seiglief Hartmut. He stands close to seven feet tall and has bright platinum blond hair and piercing blue eyes that clearly show a Norscan heritage. No emotions ever reach his face save two: a slight smile of pleasure when he is about to kill and wild joy while he does so. His taste for bloodshed isn’t what drove him from the north—it was his taste for inflicting death on even the weakest foes around him. Hartmut quietly worships Khaine, the God of Murder. The cutthroats he enlisted into Finch’s plan and more to the point, Hartmut’s service, are every bit as bloodthirsty as he is. What Finch doesn’t know is that a number of their victims have been not just been killed—they’ve been sacrificed to Khaine. Then again, it’s quite possible Finch wouldn’t care even if he did know.[1a]


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