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"When he is inducted into the citizen levy, a keen-eyed young Elf will begin his training in the Archers. Lacking the battle experience of his older brethren, he fights from a distance - experiencing the carnage of war from a relatively safe distance. "
—Recounted by Unthwe Windrider, Herald of the Phoenix King[3a]
Shadow Warriors

A host of Shadow Warriors on the battlefield

The Shadow Warriors are an elite band of scouts, warriors and assassins, who are the descendants of loyalist Elves from the Kingdom of Nagarythe during the time of the great Sundering. The Shadow Warriors are masters of ambush and guerrila warfare, elite warriors even among other Elves. They strike swiftly and noiselessly from concealment with deadly accurate volleys from their longbows, before charging forth to slay any survivors with a flurry of blades. At some point, every race has felt the wrath of the Shadow Warrior, for they go before the armies of the Asur wherever they fight, slaughtering the enemy's scouts and clearing a path for the main force.[2a]

For their part, the warriors of Nagarythe deem their distant kin to be soft and naive. Silently, however, they remain secretly grateful that the burden of the Shadow Warriors has not yet fallen upon their whole race. Whilst the Shadow, Warriors never directly respond to a cry for aid, many a has been swung by an unlooked-for volley of black-fietched arrows, or the silent slaughter of an enemy sorcerer thought invulnerable behind his own lines. Though they are shunned and distrusted by their own folk, the bleak wardens of Nagarythe know full well where their loyalties lie.[1a]


"Tainted by association with the Witch King and the violent madness of Aenarion, the survivors of Nagarythe are a very different type of Asur. Since the destruction of their lands they have been a rootless and nomadic people, drawn to fighting and unable to settle to more peaceful tasks. They are intense and brooding, proud and warlike, and this has made them little trusted by the other Elves of Ulthuan. Despite this they are among the most loyal subjects of the Phoenix King and the tales of their daring exploits are many. It is an unusual Elf indeed who has not heard of their valour. Though they are wilder and perhaps more vicious than the rest of our people, it is because of their tragic past rather than innate cruelty. Given the bitter times through which they have lived, this is a flaw that we find easy to understand. "
—Recounted by Unthwe Windrider, Herald of the Phoenix King[3a]
Warhammer High Elf Shadow Warrior

A Shadow Warrior

The opening battles of the Elven civil war were fought in the cities of Nagarythe. Fire and madness flowed through once peaceful streets. Brother fought against brother, and mothers screamed for the blood of their children. When the fighting was done, many proud cities had been destroyed forever, and the stain of kin-slaying tainted the stones long after the blood had washed away. Scattered and desperately outnumbered, the loyalists fled into the darkness. They swore before all the gods of heaven that they and their descendants would continue the fight against Malekith and his treacherous forces — throughout eternity, if such was the need. Thus did these ill-fated Elves became the Shadow Warriors — the darkest, most sinister and most brutal of all the High Elves.[1a]

From carefully concealed hiding places deep within the Shadowlands, these loyal sons and daughters of Nagarythe fought a blood-soaked war against Malekith's traitors. Ambush and deception were their tools, for they lacked the numbers for more conventional war. In the weeks and months that followed, many of the Witch King's patrols perished in lonely places, throats slit or pierced by arrows. To this day, the descendants of the Shadow Warriors continue their grim battle against the Dark Elves — whether on the shores of Ulthuan or the lands beyond. Tactics and skills that began out of desperation have now been honed to a fine and sinister art, passed down with family names and the last precious traditions of an older, more civilised Nagarythe.[1a]

Even at times when the populace of Ulthuan does not III consider itself at war, there is no respite for the Shadow Warriors — only a ceaseless vigil against the approach of those traitors who sank their homeland beneath the waves. The hatred that the Shadow Warriors reserve for the Dark Elves is boundless, for the Sundering cost them not just their lands and loved ones, but also forever stained their reputation with suspicion and dread. Any Dark Elf captured by the Shadow Warriors can expect a long and painful death. The Shadow Warriors' relationship with the rest of Ulthuan is a troubled one. Many High Elves mistrust them, ill at ease with their stony hearts and ruthless ways. Indeed, while they would only speak of it with caution, there are those who whisper that the shadow war has left the Shadow Warriors more like their enemies than they would dare to admit.[1a]


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