Shrinastor, Loremaster of Hoeth

A curt and ill-tempered mage, Shrinastor was notable for making the rest of the garrison long for battle, if only it would cease his complaining. The Loremaster served on Eagle Gate only from fear of dishonour, rather than out of a strong sense of duty. Like many of his kind, Shrinastor resented being drawn away from his studies in the White Tower, especially to perform such busywork as the endless patrols that were inevitably the garrison's lot. Yet however ill-liked Shrinastor might have been in times of peace, all appreciated his presence when the walls were under siege for, at such times, the Loremaster loosed his pent-up frustrations in a myriad of flesh-flaying magics.[1a]


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    • 1a: pg. 18

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