The Shrine of Asuryan, an annual destination of the Phoenix King, is located on the Island of Flame due north of Lothern, and is considered the holiest place on Ulthuan. It is also here that those born of Aenarion's Line are tested for the Curse that plagues his descendants.[2a]

Overview Edit

The temple itself is not of Elven design. According to Teclis, the ziggurat echoes the patterns of ancient cities of the Slann. Some think it was they who first contacted Asuryan and taught his worship to the Elves.[2b]

Beneath the cool shadow of the massive stone walls, a host of smaller stone structures waited attendance on the mighty stepped pyramid of the temple proper. A fortress onto itself, though sparsely manned. To compensate, extremely ancient and powerful wards have been woven into the walls, the shrine built atop a nexus of enormous power.[2c]

Pools utilizing water from natural hotsprings are used to clean and purify those seeking to enter the deeper parts of the shrine. Slowly, the downward sloping corridors of the building give way to the walls of a cavern. Deep beneath the earth, lanterns light the way passed walls carved with glorious scenes from the life of Aenarion. Here he was passing through the Sacred Flame. There he defeated hordes of Chaos monsters, all of which had not taken place far from the shrine's location.[2c]

At last, the passage leads into a large cave far beneath the ziggurat, lit by flickering flames that surge and roar from a great pit. Enormous statues of the old elf gods inhabit shadowy alcoves. A great altar flanks each side of the volcanic maw, looking like a bridge that had been broken. During the ritual in which the Phoenix King ascends, the would-be king passes from one of these altars to the other. This was the deepest and most sacred shrine on the island.[2c]

Indeed, within this ancient pyramid's central chamber burns the eternal Fire of the Phoenix. When a new king is crowned, he bathes in these white-hot flames, passing miraculously unscathed through the inferno before emerging to be clad in ceremonial robes and the great feathered cloak of kingship. Both these ceremonies are overseen by the Phoenix Guard, the silent sentinels of Asuryan. Just as they attend the king on his journey to the flame, so too do they bear his lifeless body to the funerary White Ship when his mortal existence finally ends.[1a]

Surrounding the central shrine are great pillars of alabaster called the Flamespyres, which are home to the phoenixes of same name, as they are held sacred to Asuryan.[1b]

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Source Edit

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