Siegfriedhof map
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Type Small Town
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Stirland
Population 320
Allegiance Order of Raven Knights
Industry Agriculture, Timber

Siegfriedhof lies on the borderlands with the County of Sylvania near Hunger Wood. It is also the site of the Morrian Abbey of St. Aethelbert the Vigilant.[1a]

Situated on the river near the Hunger Wood, Siegfriedhof is a small town owned by the Order of the Raven Knights, Morrian templars dedicated to the destruction of the Undead. The town was a gift from the Elector Counts of Stirland, in gratitude for the Order’s help in the battle of Hel Fenn, nearly 400 years ago. The monastery of the Order dominates the town, and from here it keeps watch on Sylvania to the east. Like its brother monastery in Essen, the Abbey of St. Aethelbert the Vigilant sends agents into Sylvania to gather information that could be used against the Vampire Counts. The people of Siegfriedhof are quite suspicious of strangers, and preemptive lynchings of unknown travellers have been known to occur.[1b]

Source Edit

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