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NOTE: This page contains older content that may be considered non-canon.

Imperial Cross
Vital statistics
Full Name Siegrich of Averland
Reign 50 - 51 IC
Predecessor Sigmar
Successor unknown
Noble House unknown
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Very little is known about Emperor Siegrich. What is known is that he was the successor of Sigmar Heldenhammer. Before his election, he was Count of Averland, and his first act was to add the election process into Sigmar's Law.

Canon ConflictEdit

  • Siegrich may not be canon. He is only mentioned in Tome of Salvation. In the Warhammer Rulebook, it says that Emperor Hedrich's reign lasted from 51-100 IC. He may have been meant to be Sigmar's successor. However, as it is said Sigmar disappeared in year 50, this allows for a reign of Siegrich, albeit a very short one.
  • Within the Sigmar's Heirs book, it has been stated that Emperor Fulk was the successor to Sigmar.


  • Tome of Salvation p.15

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