The Silverpelts

When word had reached Eagle Gate that the daemons had set Chrace ablaze, Prince Yvarn offered the Silverpelts the opportunity to leave their posts and rally to their homeland's defence. The hunters scorned his offer, tersely explaining that their oaths to the Eagle Gate superseded even those to their homeland. Thereafter, they were a grim and taciturn group, who spent their days staring unblinking westward across the pass, and their nights clustered around campfires, singing songs of remembrance. As the haunting sound echoed through the courtyards of Eagle Gate, other members of the garrison felt a momentary glimmer of sympathy for those who would next face the Silverpelts' gleaming axes.[1a]


  • 1: The End Times Vol III: Khaine
    • 1a: pg. 18

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