"I was the scourge of the Worlds Edge. From Hell Pit to Cripple Peak my name was dread. I was undefeated, feared, peerless in battle, renowned for my cunning. The world rested in my paws. History is written by victors, if it is written at all. I was Gnawdwell’s favourite, but unlike Queek I earned it. And who remembers now? Who cares? Ten years since I left to serve my master in Skavenblight. Three generations of brainless meat husks that never knew enough to dread the name Sleek!"
—Sleek Sharpwit, Grizzled Warlord of Clan Mors[2a]
Skaven Warlord

A Skaven Warlord leading his army to war

Skaven Warlords
are the ruthless and tyrannical rulers of the Skaven Clans, large and powerfully built warriors that command the uptmost respect by sheer physical prowess, ruthless tyranny, and inhumane cruelty. Within the unstable hierarchy of the Warlord Clans, to hold the title of Warlord is to rule supreme. There is no passing of the torch from generation to generations. Leadership must be taken by force. To gain power, a Warlord must seize control, proving himself a top fighter and a devious adversary. Such a coup either ends in failure and certain death at the hands of the existing ruler, or the new leader supplants the current Warlord, often eating him in the process.[1a]

Challenges follow no format but often take the form of personal combat, treacherous back-stabbing, or elaborate political schemes. The more underhanded the deed, the better, for that is what puts the fear and respect into the Skaven masses. Once a Warlord has fought, betrayed, and clawed his way to the top, the battle really begins. Manipulation, the ability to set rivals upon each other or the mustering of support from an disclosed following are skills needed to hold power, as even the fiercest fighters become worn down by the constant challenges. Great wealth can augment battle skills, bribe underlings, or simply buy formidable aid.[1a]

When the Under-Empire goes to war, a Skaven Horde of impressive size will almost always be led by these very same Skaven. A Warlord is a peerless warrior and general amongst his kind, who can lead and map out complicated strategies to overcome the enemies of the Skaven race. Neverthless, like many other Skaven leaders, a Warlord is also a craven coward by heart, and will always lead by the rear. On the occasion that battle is engaged, a Skaven Warlord, like all true warriors, are still all to eager to wet their blade with the blood of their enemies.[1a]

Miniatures Edit

  • 8th Edition. (Front)
  • 8th Edition. (Back / Rear)
  • 8th Edition (Island of Blood)
  • 6th Edition
  • 6th Edition
  • 6th Edition (Chieftain)


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