"When I regained my senses, I found myself to be bound hand and foot to a long pole. It was being carried by several of the same LIzards-warriors who had overwhelmed us. Ahead of me I could see the faithful Tzu-Kwo, also rice to a carrying pole. I shouted out to him. He replied that everyone else was dead. This shouting provoked one of the smaller lizard creatures who seemed to be in charge of the column. This officer was magnificently bedecked in gold bangles and exotic feathers. He brandished his spear and began speaking in an unintelligible tongue. I decided to remain quiet."
—Extract from "Voyage of Yin-Tuan to Lustria", circa. 1690 IC[2a]
Warhammer Lizardmen Skink Chiefs

A Skink Chief leading his brethrens

Skink Chiefs are the leaders of Skink society, second only in command to the Skink Priests. In the Lizardmen chain of command, Skink Priests direct their orders to Skink Chiefs. These are Skinks who have been marked for greatness. While the Priests attend to prophecies, it is left to the Skink Chiefs to execute orders. It is they who typically oversee patrols, major construction projects and the messenger system. They are aggressive by Skink standards, sometimes riding to battle atop Terradons. It is not their role to sacrifice themselves in battle, but rather to spy out intruders, alert the Saurus and then guide them towards the foe. It is they who interpret the complicated instructions — often passed from Slann Mage-Priest to Skink Priest and finally to themselves. Then, in turn, it is they who give orders to the Saurus and the cold-blooded behemoths that make up the bulk of the Lizardmen armies.[1a]

Miniatures Edit

  • 8th Edition. (with Blowpipe)
  • 8th Edition. (with Sword and Shield)


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