Slaanesh Hellship

Slaanesh Hellship

Slaanesh Hellships are graceful, sinuous ships painted in intricate patterns and radiant colours. Their fast silk sails glisten and glimmer as they softly shift with the wind, and a halo of pale pastel light glows around them.[1a]

The superstructure of a Hellship resembles a great domed palace, illuminated from within with pastel light. Beams of colour radiate from its core, stabbing out across the waves from arched portals draped in heavy silk. Ships touched by the shafts of light are bathed in a glowing corona that is bewitching to look upon.[1a]

Closer to the Hellship, plumes of brightly coloured incense billow from an aperture at the peak of the dome, and slide down the sides of the vessel in heady, rolling clouds that settle on the surface of the water.[1a]

Thus masked from sight, only the entrancing strains of bizarre melodies and the ecstatic screams of the crew reveal the Hellship's presence, the noise beckoning insidiously to the crews of ships that venture too near.[1a]


Radiance of SlaaneshEdit

The Radiance of Slaanesh is a beam of purple light that can be targeted at one ship at a time. Any crew that become entranced fall upon their crewmates in a delirious killing frenzy. The fight is to the death, and results in either the traitors being killed and the ship remaining with its parent fleet, or the loyal crew dead and the ship becoming part of the Plaguefleet as a captured vessel controlled by insane warriors, rather than as an active fighting force.[1a]

Incense of SlaaneshEdit

Any ship that closes with a Hellship is quickly enveloped by cloying, scented clouds. Some of the men aboard the ship that closed with the Hellship may succumb to the mind-altering effects of the incense and have gone over to the side of Slaanesh.[1b]


  • Slaanesh Hellship


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