Slave Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition

Slavery is a common occurrence in the Warhammer World and has been found among numerous civilizations throughout history.

Races that use slaves

  • The people of ancient Nehekhara used slaves to build many of their monuments
  • The Skaven make extensive use Slave Rats, also called skavenslaves, enslaved members of their own kind as well as any other race they can overwhelm. These Slave Rats are the backbone of the Under-Empire.
  • The Druchii are also heavily dependent on slaves and send their corsairs across the seas to acquire them.
  • The Chaos Dwarfs used to enslave much of the greenskin races for manual labor. Even today, their industry and religion depends on a steady flow of slaves.
  • The Ogres use enslaved Gnoblars and Giants in their armies.
  • The men of Araby still practice slavery, while most of the other kingdoms of men have outlawed this practice.
  • The Asrai have been known to kidnap Bretonnian children and turn them into servants who never grow up and think the elves are their masters.