"I was the scourge of the Worlds Edge. From Hell Pit to Cripple Peak my name was dread. I was undefeated, feared, peerless in battle, renowned for my cunning. The world rested in my paws. History is written by victors, if it is written at all. I was Gnawdwell’s favourite, but unlike Queek I earned it. And who remembers now? Who cares? Ten years since I left to serve my master in Skavenblight. Three generations of brainless meat husks that never knew enough to dread the name Sleek!"
—Sleek Sharpwit, former Warlord of Clan Mors
Warhammer Clan Mors

Sleek was one of the top Warlords within Clan Mors

Warlord Sleek Sharpwit, known as Old-thing by many of his jealous rivals, was once a mighty and much-feared Skaven Warlord of the dreaded Clan Mors, whom was known famously for his extraordinary cunning and skills in combat. In his former prime, Sleek Sharpwit was the bane of the Worlds Edge Mountains, from the cages of Hell-Pit to the mines of Cripple Peak. Sleek's name was synonymous with dread, and at his height, Sleek bested Warlord Rask and became the Warlord of the City of Pillars and the personal favourite of Lord Gnawdwell himself. His reputation become so great that he also became a servant of the Council of Thirteen. Sleek even bore witness to the fall of Karak Azul, and the resulting torture King Kazador's son by Gorfang Rotgut. He even assisted in the creation of the Doomwheel, his knowledge of Dwarf technology proving invaluable for Clan Skryre's original invention.[1]

For a Skaven of such power and status, Sleek lived out a very long life, but the passage of time had since slowly taken his toll upon the mighty Warlord. In time, upstart Warlords such as the now legendary Queek Headtaker had replaced him as the new Warlord of the City of Pillars. Sleek is now a very, very old Skaven, blind in one eye, hairless and is forced to walk on crutches. Though such frailty would have spelt the death of any ordinary Skaven, such was Sleek's immense reputation and favor within the Under-Empire, coupled with his immense cunning, that he still possesses a commanding influence within Skaven military hierarchy.[1]

Even in such an old state, Sleek has still shown a glimmer of his former combat prowess when provoked into a confrontation. Even as the former Warlord met his imminent death, Sleek was able to, with the aid of warpstone, fight the Headtaker to a standstill before the last bit of his strength finally gave out. Sleek's severed head is now one of Queek's most prized possessions, so much so that Queek can still be seen talking to the old Warlord, listening to his hard-earned advice.[1]


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