Warhammer Snorri Nosebiter Art

Snorri Nosebiter

Warhammer Snorri

A drawn depiction of Snorri Nosebiter

Snorri Nosebiter is one of Gotrek Gurnissons closest and oldest friends. It is a fact universally acknowledged that physical attractiveness is not considered an especial virtue among Dwarfs, and Trollslayers in particular have a reputation for their brutal looks. Apart from his broken nose, scars, tattoos, missing ear and shaven beard, what really makes Snorri Nosebiter stand out is the row of brightly-coloured nails hammered down the centre of his head. Snorri may not be very bright, but like all Trollslayers he is redoubtable in combat, a fearless opponent who will never surrender or give up, and it goes without saying that his capacity for sinking ale is as prodigious as his martial prowess![1a]

Snorri is a long time friend of Gotrek, a Slayer who is also on his quest to seek his death in battle. Snorri was a friend of Gotrek long before they became slayers. Snorri's personality is almost the opposite of Gotrek, while Gotrek is mostly serious and gloomy and has little respect for others, Snorri is always in a cheerful mood, slow to anger. But when he does he is a very formidable foe. Snorri is a larger Dwarf than Gotrek, but Gortrek is far stronger, due in part to Gotrek's link with his axe. He charges into battle swinging his axe and hammer.[1a]


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