Sons of the Mountain

The Sons of the Mountain tribe is one of the major groups found within the Ogre Kingdoms, famous for hunting alongside Yhetees.

While most tribes prefer to stake their camps in the valleys of the Mountains of Mourn, the Sons of the Mountain take great pride in residing near the top of the Tusk -- a particular high peak on the borders of the Ancient Giant Lands. There, the tribe has grown famous for hunting the many beasts that live in the mountains, and their trade in ivory has made them rich indeed. The Sons of the Mountain wear distinctive white warpaint, as they claim it better camouflages them in the eternal snow of their mountaintop home. Usually, many Yhetees and other mountain-dwelling monsters reside with the Sons of the Mountain, and the Ogres themselves seem to share an affinity with these creatures, even going so far as to hunt with the Yhetees in the wilds.[1a]

Source Edit

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