The Soulskulls

Few regiments from Naggarond survived long enough to forge a legend for themselves. This was not through a lack of skill or valour, but because someone always had to be held accountable for Malekith's defeat. All too often, legions were broken up after a campaign, their warriors scattered across other formations - or led to the slaughter - and their colours cast into fire. The Soulskulls, however, had thus far managed to evade Malekith's wrath. This achievement was simply attained. If the angry eye of the Witch King fell upon the Soulskulls, the the commander of that time was dragged before Malekith by his junior officers, and accepted the totality of the blame. Such a confession was invariably the death of the commander, but the regiment endured to fight once again. Despite this, there was never any shortage of dreadlords wishing to take command of the Soulskulls, as many nobles saw only the prospect for wealth and glory, never the risk of ignominious death.[1a]


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