In the Warhammer World, Standing Stones are large blocks of stone heaved into an upright or partially upright position by mortals, similar to the real-world Stone Henge (though not necessarily in a circle). Standing Stones occur as ancient constructs erected in eons past by primitive cultures and often have a magical connotation or runes carved into them. Many stones were not quite as ancient and form part of Elven ruins left in the Old World, and many have simply stood since the dawn of time. Some standing stones serve as places of worship for Druids of The Old Faith. In WAR, many standing stones exist, and some are hotly contested objectives for Order and Destruction.

Types of standing stones in the world are:

Menhir StonesEdit

These stones have existed as focal points of magical energy around Ulthuan for countless millennia. Caledor Dragontamer used them to draw Chaos energy which was pouring into the world from the Realm of Chaos away from where it could do harm and into a magical vortex on the Isle of the Dead at the centre of Ulthuan, many Elven mages gave up their lives for this plan to succeed.

Ogham StonesEdit

These ancient stones are scattered around the cold, misty isle of Albion off the west coast of the Old World and form part of the network of stones around the world which direct energy to the Menhir Stones in Ulthuan and ultimately to the Vortex.

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