"To be sure, it was an inauspicious time to have a baby, I always said... Why, Morrslieb was fat, Dragomas the Drake was in ascendant, and the Big Cross was nowhere in the sky... That newborn babe was pulled from its mother, and I wasn’t surprised to see the babe touched..."
——Lucretia, Wise Woman

Some believe in the heavens are written the tales of what has passed, what happens now, and what shall come to be. For generations, Man has looked up to the firmament to question his purpose and place, casting prayers to whatever deaf gods play amongst the burning torches. Sailors use the stars as guides, helping them navigate the uncharted waters of the Sea of Claws, whilst the Arabyan philosophers stare up at the nightly heavens to discover the secrets of the world, a practice brought back to the Empire by the crusaders.

Over the centuries, certain clusters of stars have acquired names, characteristics, and some supernatural significance. Some, nay most, believe the position of the clusters when a child is born reveals some truth about a person, shaping his personality, outlooks, hopes, and dreams for the rest of his life. Whether dismissed as the foolish superstitions of peasants, soothsayers, and charlatans or embraced as a fundamental truth, no one can deny the coincidences between Man and the arrangement of the heavens.

List of Constellations

Sign Classical Name Significance Date
Wymund the Anchorite Wymenos Sign of Enduring 22/12 - 7/1
The Big Cross Azurios Sign of Clarity 8/1 - 27/1
The Limner's Line Verros Sign of Precision 28/1 - 15/2
Gnuthus the Ox Nuthios Sign of Dutiful Service 16/2 - 1/3
Dragomas the Drake Drakonos Sign of Courage 2/3 - 21/3
The Gloaming Tarotes Sign of Illusion and Mystery 22/3 - 8/4
Grungni's Baldric Gileon Sign of Martial Pursuits 9/4 - 28/4
Mammit the Wise Mammius Sign of Wisdom 29/4 - 15/5
Mummit the Fool Mammios Sign of the Indistinct 16/5 - 1/6
The Two Bullocks Hashoor Sign of Fertility and Craftsmanship 2/6 - 21/6
The Dancer Adamnos Sign of Love and Attraction 22/6 - 7/7
The Drummer Lupios Sign of Excess and Hedonism 8/7 - 27/7
The Piper Sangist Sign of the Trickster 28/7 - 15/8
Vobist the Faint Vobist Sign of Darkness and Uncertainty 16/8 - 1/9
The Broken Cart Kharnos Sign of Pride 2/9 - 21/9
The Greased Goat Talios Sign of Denied Passions 22/10 - 8/10
Rhya's Cauldron Rionyes Sign of Mercy, Death, and Creation 9/10 - 28/10
Cacklefax the Cockerel Kakeros Sign of Money and Merchants 29/10 - 15/11
The Bone Saw (Grimoire) Alyoi Sign of Skill and Learning 16/11 - 1/12
The Witchling Star Solkios Sign of Magic 2/12 - 21/12






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