Steam Tank

A monstrous Steam Tank plowing into battle.

Steam Tanks are monstrous, smoke-belching war machines that rumble towards the enemy and fire deadly cannonballs from their steam-powered guns to crush all those that stand against the Empire of Man. They were first designed by the famed inventor Leonardo da Miragliano, who adapted the use of Dwarfen steam technology to power the pistons and gears that drive the wheels of the steam tank forward. In times of war, the Imperial Engineers School may sanction the use of these rare and valuable machines should the fate of the Empire of Man hang in the balance.[1a]

The steam tank is powered by a pressurized boiler that siphons steam through pipes and pistons. All existing tanks were designed by the famed genius Tilean inventor Leonardo da Miragliano. After the inventor's death, the secrets of the steam tanks were lost with him and engineers have so far been unable to successfully construct any new steam tanks. Only twelve tanks were built, all with varying configurations. Only eight steam tanks remain, the lost four having been destroyed during testing or in battle. The war engines are somewhat unreliable, and only rarely can all eight be persuaded to run for a single battle.[1a]

As the steam tank is brought to bear, the advance of these ironclad behemoths is terrifying to behold, as arrows ricochet from the armoured hull and enemy warriors are crushed beneath its immense bulk. During battle, the tank is commanded and driven by a Senior Engineer who manages and directs the steam from the boiler to the tank's mechanisms. Should too much pressure be allowed to build in the boiler, it may rupture with catastrophic effects. The most common steam tank variant is armed with a steam-powered cannon in its hull and a steam gun mounted in its turret. Though the steam cannon is smaller than the Great Cannons used by the Imperials, the maneuverability and protection of the steam tank more than compensates for the main cannon's comparatively shorter range and diminished firepower.[1a]


  • Alter Kamerad ("old fellow" in Reikspiel) - a configuration armed with hull mounted, steam operated Helblaster Volley Gun and a turret-mounted steam gun.
  • Sigmar's Hammer - a configuration without armaments, used like a ram.
  • Unfehlbar ("unerring" in Reikspiel) - an open topped configuration, armed with a mortar and two swivel guns.
  • Von Zeppel (named after the designing engineer) - a configuration without hull mounted armaments, carrying a platform, cramped with engineers carrying experimental weapons like the Hochland Long Rifle, a Blunderbuss, a Repeater Handgun, a special form of halberd, a massive morningstar, and a Mancatcher.

Famous Steam Tanks


  • 7-8th Edition
  • 7-8th Edition (Right Side - Front View)
  • 7-8th Edition (Left Side - Back View)
  • 7-8th Edition (Up Side View)
  • 7-8th Edition (Close Up - Steam Gun Turret)
  • 7-8th Edition (Front View)
  • 6th Edition
  • 5th Edition (Classic - Conqueror)
  • 5th Edition (Von Zeppel)
  • 5th Edition (Sigmar's Hammer)
  • 5th Edition (Alter Kamerad = Old Reliable)
  • 5th Edition (Implacable = Unfehlbar)
  • 5th Edition - Halfling Soup Tank 'Kathleen'
  • Old Model (Small)
  • Old Model (Big)
  • Warmaster
  • Golden Demon Award Steam Tank


  • Steam Tank (7-8th Edition Box Cover Art)
  • Steam Tank (Classic Box Cover Art)
  • Screenshot from Warhammer Online : Age of Reckonings
  • Screenshot from Warhammer Online : Age of Reckonings
  • Screenshot from Warhammer Online : Age of Reckonings
  • Concept Art from Warhammer Online : Age of Reckonings
  • Screenshot from Total War: Warhammer
  • Screenshot from Warhammer Dark Omen (Imperial Steam Tank)
  • Imperial Steam Tank Blue Print
  • Steam Tank Concept
  • Steam Tank Concept


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