Revered Father Steffron Kurdtz is the abbot of a Sigmarite monastery in the Imperial heartlands. He is respected and loved by the monks, and his reputation for wisdom has spread as far as Altdorf and Middenheim. He has been abbot for many years, but is still vigorous despite his age. He talks of retiring, but none of the monks will hear of it. Steffron took a circuitous route to his current station of abbot. In fact, a life of faith and service was the furthest thing from his mind as a youth ranging through the forests of Talabecland. Steffron earned his living as a hunter and guide, and paid more heed to Taal and Rhya than the patron god of the Empire. One day, he guided a pilgrimage of Sigmarites to a holy site deep within the forests.

They were attacked by Beastmen, and Steffron was inspired by the Sigmarites' unflappable faith and resolve in the face of danger. After fending off the Beastmen, Steffron joined the pilgrimage, learning about the faith from those whom he had fought with side-by-side. After completing the journey, Steffron officially joined the Cult of Sigmar as an initiate and worked tirelessly to test his faith, uncover truths and challenge unbelievers. Over the decades, he has shared his personal story of struggle and deliverance countless times, converting many people to the faith.


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