The vast majority of Stirlanders that were once brave enough to dwell in the hinterlands of Sylvania have packed up their meagre possessions and fled for safer pastures. However, there are those who still fight tooth and nail for the territory they see as rightfully theirs – having eked out a life from one of the most dangerous and hateful corners of the Empire, they are loath to abandon it.[1a]

Foremost among these are the vigilantes that call themselves Stirland's Revenge. These unshaven and foul-smelling warriors are a loose brotherhood of bitter and determined men who are very rarely sober and almost always spoiling for a fight. All have lost their homes, families or loved ones to the curse of undeath that assails Sylvania.[1a]

Even to call this group of growling ne'er-do-wells a Free Company would be a kindness, for their military cohesion is as bad as their personal hygiene. Yet their determination makes them fierce fighters to a man. Roaming the east of the Vale of Darkness, they hunt down and slay every shambling corpse and clacking skeleton they can find, stopping only to plunder the empty inns and markets that once buzzed with life.[1a]

With nothing left to lose, the men of Stirland's Revenge are hell-bent on vengeance, even if it costs them what's left of their miserable lives.[1a]


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