Not to be confused with the Storm of Chaos.

Storm of Magic

Storms of Magic are events that occur when the Winds of Magic rise from a strong gale into a howling tempest.[1a]

The cause of such raging typhoons of magic is, like all things of Chaos, mysterious and often erratic -- as likely to be explained by superstitious lore as by applied logic. Some blame the wrath of the gods, others see such violent storms as opportunistic, a time of great revelry and bloodshed. Nearly every race has some theories, legends or apocryphal tales about these turbulent and dangerous storms.[1b]

When a storm of magic sweeps into the world, the Winds of Magic become more unpredictable than ever. They will be wrathful and strong one moment, only to fade almost to nothingness within seconds. Such unpredictability can be a wizard's greatest enemy and ally both -- if he can time his spells correctly, he can harness the rage of an ascendant wind to unleash unbelievably powerful spells.[1c]

Source Edit

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