"You require a Mukkavi desert-hound breeding pair, with matched blue eyes? Not a problem for one such as I, my lady. I know a tribal chief in Bur-Shitrak, in Araby, who has a fine pack, and he owes me a blood-debt. I'll have them for you in less than six months, I guarantee it."
—Sumieren Imlordil[1a][1b]
Sumieren Imlordil

Sumieren Imlordil

Sumieren is of average height for an Elf, just a touch over six feet, and ties his long black hair in a ponytail. His face appears weather-worn, somewhere around middle age (he's 122). His heavy up-swept eyebrows, pointed ears, and the piercing stare from his deep-set black eyes give him a devilish look, which he quite enjoys. He often dresses in specially tailored clothes of mottled greens and browns, to emphasize his role as a hunter.[1b]

While a sailor aboard Clan Ulliogtha's ships, Sumieren became fascinated with the exotic animals he saw on his journeys. A dispute over shares of a voyage's profits with his clan lord, the previous Exarch Valmathol Fairword, gave him the perfect excuse to renounce the clan and go into business for himself. For many years heserved on the ships of any clan until thirty years ago he felt he was ready and opened Priceless Friends.[1b]

While not a devout follower of Kurnous, Sumieren will only kill animals if it is absolutely necessary - he is a hunter, not a killer. He will never accept a commission to bring back a trophy or part of an animal for any reason. When possible he takes the time to judge the character of his customers, and may refuse wealthy clients because he feels they will be an abusive or neglectful owner.[1b]

Sumieren is one of the few outsiders to deal with the primitive tribes of the Lustrian interior, who respect him. He also has extensive contacts with the rich of Marienburg and many Old World lands, who regularly buy from him. He has become close friends with Hugo Delftgruber, who once saved his life when Sumieren accidentally stumbled onto a smuggling operation. He also maintains a close relationship with Karl den Euwe, who loaned him the money needed to get his Merchant's Guild membership and buy his own ship. Jaan van de Kuypers is a regular customer.[1b]

If he has a home, Sumieren would say it is in Marienburg. He does not make a distinction between Elftown and the city and is, in fact, rather fond of the place. So he was concerned when Director Karl den Euwe told him of the dangers facing Marienburg - specifically the threat posed by the rising power of House van de Kuypers and its allies. Convinced that den Euwe wished only to help the city, Sumieren agreed to spy for him, using his access and favour with de Kuypers to ferret out information on the Director's illegal activities, passing it on via intermediaries at the Red Cock Inn. Discovery would mean Imlordil's life.[1b]


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