Sunfang sword

Sunfang or Lacelothrai in Eltharian was the famed sword created by Caledor Dragontamer during the First Chaos Incursion for Aenarion the Defender. It was later recovered by Prince Tyrion. The blade is four feet long and burns with the power of the sun. It has enchantments that make it so that it will never become dull and automatically adjusts to its wielder.[1a]


In the beginning of the Great Catastrophe, Caledor travelled to the Shrine of Vaul to begin making weapons for the princes. Along with the High Priest of Vaul, Caledor forged Sunfang using knowledge that the elves no longer possess. Upon presenting it to the newly crowned Phoenix King, Aenarion immediatly adopted it as his weapon of choice. Wielding it along with the Shield of Averlorn, Aenarion beat back the Daemons in victory after victory. For a short time, there was peace in the world as the Daemons retreated to recover and regroup. Almost unexpectedly, the Daemons struck out once more and Aenarion's wife, Everqueen Astarielle, was killed and his children Morelion and Yvraine lost.[1a]

Driven by grief, Aenarion gave the sword to his close friend and commander and ventured north to gain the Sword of Khaine. Sunfang was used for the remainder of the War by this commander who then presented it to his son. The blade was then brought to the colonies of the Old World where it gained fame and legend. Later on, when the elf who wielded it died in battle, it remained lost for several ages. Nearly six thousand years later, a human adventurer found it, and wielding it, made a name for himself as an explorer. Later, this human traveled to Lustria and was killed amidst the ruins of a fallen Slann city.[1a]


Tyrion, son of Arathion and descendant of Aenarion, sought out the blade along with his twin brother Teclis. After several decades of searching, they tracked the blade to Lustria and found it in the ruins. Claiming it as his own, Tyrion wielded Sunfang to great use, first using it to defend the Everqueen as they ran from the Dark Elves, then during the battle of Finuval Plains. Wherever Tyrion goes Sunfang gleams bright in his hands, perhaps recognising the blood of Aenarion.[2a]


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