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The Empire's eight Colleges of Magic are eclectic and independent places of learning, where wizards are taught to use and control the Winds of Magic. The head of all the colleges is known as the Supreme Patriarch, a position of great power within the Empire. Every eight years, a wizard who has proven himself worthy can challenge the supreme patriarch in a magical duel.[1a]

Contesting Edit

Every seven years, representatives of the eight Colleges of Magic meet to decide who will reign as the Supreme Patriarch for the next seven years. This is an important decision, because the strand of magic used by the winning Patriarch will blow more strongly through Altdorf for the College that supplies the Supreme Patriarch. Theoretically, any Lord Magister of any of the Orders can take part in the contest to decide who the next Supreme Patriarch will be, but because the individual Patriarchs of each Order are also the most powerful, few others ever try to take part.[2a]

The contest to determine the dominant College of Magic takes the form of a violent contest of spellcraft between the existing Supreme Patriarch and the challengers, one at a time. The contest is held within the strict bounds of the hallowed Obsidian Hall.[2a]

The current Supreme Patriarch is Balthasar Gelt.[2a]

List of Known Claimants Edit

Name Reign Order Notes
Volans N/A Order of Light First Supreme Patriarch.
Paranoth[3a] N/A Jade Order N/A.
Thyrus Gormann N/A Bright Order N/A.
Balthasar Gelt c. Present - c.2525 Gold Order N/A.
Gregor Martak c.2525 - End Amber Brotherhood Presides during the final events of the End Times.

Source Edit

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