Star of Chaos

Sven Bloody-hand was a Warrior of Chaos Undivided

Sven Bloody-Hand was a Norscan Chaos Lord and an ally of the Kurgan Zar, Asavar Kul who led the Great Chaos Incursion of 2302 IC. Sven joined his armies to the cause of Chaos and enacted several devastating raids on western Kislev, leading his branch of the Chaos Horde from the north alongside Engra Deathsword while Asavar Kul and his Kurgan pressed in from the east through the High Pass.

His attacks eventually culminated in the fall of Erengrad during the Great War Against Chaos, where Sven and his warhost defeated the army of Ar-Ulric Kriestov and the Kislevite defenders of Erengrad in a bloody struggle before burning the entire city to the ground. With this victory, Sven and his Marauders sailed back to Norsca in triumph.


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