The Sword of Change was wrought within the magical balestorm of the northern Chaos Gate. It was fashioned by the Daemon Warlord Amon 'Chakai, whose fossilised eye is still grasped in the weapon's pommel. The Sword of Change is saturated with the mutating power of Chaos. Even the air around the blade is in flux: at one moment, the blade is wreathed with the scent of sweet perfumes reminiscent of Slaanesh, only to be replaced a heartbeat later with the stench of rot and decay of Nurgle. An eye-blink later and the air around the Sword of Change shines with multicoloured hues of Tzeentch before being surrounded in a haze of misted blood associated with Khorne. This magical sword has the power to reduce those whose flesh it pierces into mindless, flailing mounds of flesh, warping their bodies into monstrosities known as Chaos Spawn.[1a]


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