"I can manage an appointment for you in, ah, twoweeks after I've done the van de Merwe's scented commode tray. Perhaps you'd like a self-fitting corset? You're obviously a man of action, but age takes its toll, eh? And itkeeps up appearances for the University Rector's brunch. Anything you can think of, I can try to make for you - for my usual fee, of course."
—Sybo Haan, Consulting Sorcerer[1a]
Sybo Haan

Sybo Haan

Sybo is of average height and medium build, 28 years old, with curly fair hair worn fairly short. He has well-defined facial features, and is quite handsome and charming. His blue eyes seem always to be alive, darting to and fro; disconcertingly, he avoids mutual gaze with others, which makes him appear slightly shifty. He dresses fairly sloppily most of the time, but when he goes out at nights he looks very sharp in blue, cream and silver Estalian-tailored doublet and britches.[1a][1b]

Sybo is naturally a friendly person, sociable and warm, but he has a strong streak of insecurity and is paranoid about protecting his home and workplace - his brother's troubles are taking their toll on him. He frequently pays small considerations to Watchmen to make a detour or two past his home during their patrols, and when he is out the dogs have the run of the place.[1b]

Sybo is really only the junior partner in the custom-magic business. He has been happy to go along with it because the money is good and out of pity for his brother. But since Leo, his brother, has become more self-obsessed and has been drawn into butcheries and deals with grave-robbers Sybo has become unhappy about his life in Marienburg. He is even beginning to resent his work, and secretly plans a possible escape from his brother - possibly as far as Cathay.[1b]

Sybo does all the direct dealings with others, and by the nature of his work he often needs the help of craftsmen to fashion the items he enchants. He has to deal with Sumieren Imlordil of Priceless Friends, who imports Lustrian monkeys for Leo's researches, and who wouldn't be at all happy to find out what Leo has been doing with them. Sybo also deals with Dmitri Hrodovsky for certain rare "medicaments", and since both of them are salesmen they enjoy haggling with each other. Dmitri is convinced Sybo is an addict, and doesn't suspect the drugs are for Leo's researches. There is a rivalry with Wilhelm Rotkopf of Baron Henryk's, however, and Sybo loses no chance to bad mouth him. Lastly, because his work involves dealing with the rich, Sybo has developed a fondness for visiting places where the rich enjoy themselves, and the Red Cock Inn has become a frequent haunt of late.[1b]


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