Taal, Lord of Beasts

Taal is one of the older gods of the Human tribesmen that created the Empire of Man. He is a member of the 'northern' or 'country' family of gods. He is the God of Nature, the Lord of Beasts, Mountains and Forests. His wife is Rhya, the Earth Mother, and his brother is Ulric, the God of Winter and Wolves. Like Nature, Taal is often viewed as indifferent to mortal concerns.

Appearance and SymbologyEdit

Taal is usually depicted as a huge, muscular man with a long beard and antlers upon his head. His second most favoured form is that of a mighty stag.

Taal's holy symbols include antlers, deer skulls, and stone axes.


  • Taal's children gladly give themselves for food and sacrifice. Respect and honour this gift to you.
  • A sacrifice of an animal or grain must be made once per month, at the dark of the moon.
  • Each year, all priests must spend seven solitary days and nights away from civilization, communing with nature.
  • Do not clad yourself in metal; instead, wear the hides of your animal kin.
  • Take pride in your natural strength and skill. Avoid firearms and other works of science.

Holy DaysEdit

  • Start Growth (Spring Equinox)
  • Less Growth (Autumn Equinox)
  • Sun Still (Summer Solstice)
  • World Still (Winter Solstice)


Taal is worshipped alongside his wife, Rhya, in a combined cult. While Taal is the dominant partner in the relationship, his worshippers never forget to revere Rhya as well.



The Cult of Taal and Rhya is the state-sanctioned religion in Talabecland. His worship is strongest in the north and east of the Empire, in the rural areas.

Relations with Other CultsEdit

  • Sigmar:
  • Ulric:

Military OrdersEdit


Related Invasion CardsEdit


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