Tarni grew up in the mixed Dwarf-human mining camp of Zinntasseberg on the southern side of the Habercrybs. When she was young, there was a cave-in in one of the mine shafts that trapped ten miners, several of them Dwarfs. Tarni joined in the effort to free them, but it took too long as the collapse was more extensive than it was originally assumed. Snorri Gravehand, a traveling priest of Gazul, chanced to arrive in the camp, and began to administer rites to all who fell, Dwarf and human alike (since there was no priest of Morr in the vicinity). Tarni assisted the priest with his efforts, and there found her calling.[1a]

Tarni then accompanied Snorri Gravehand when he left the settlement. They travelled for several months until they came to the Dwarf settlement of Khazid Harkhat in the foothills of the Grey Mountains near the River Grissen. A gathering of Expatriate Priests was in progress, and Tarni became an initiate of Gazul. She continued in Snorri's company for several years as they travelled throughout the Reikland, administering to the needs of Expatriates. Years later Tarni was elevated to priesthood, and parted company with Snorri.[1a]

Tarni was later given the area around the River Söll as her particular ward. Life was routine for at least a decade, until Tarni learned of Snorri's death. She hurried on to the Reiklander town of Ubersreik, where a number of Dwarfs had gathered to mourn Snorri's passing. When she arrived, Tarni learned that her esteemed mentor had been slain by a necromancer after stumbling upon his hidden lair. Although Snorri had battled furiously, in the end, the necromancer had proved too much for him. The foul sorcerer left Snorri's wrecked body where it fell, for he had been grievously wounded as well, and had retreated so that he could tend to his injuries. A group of human prospectors cane across Snorri's corpse and bore him back for a proper burial. Snorri's death devastated Tarni. In his memory, Tarni dedicated her life to the eradication of necromancers.[1a][1b]

Tarni usually roams the less populated regions of the Empire, where her quarry are more likely to have hidden themselves and their loathsome labours.[1b]


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