The Doorkeepers were originally a group within the Cult of Morr that militantly opposed necromancers and the Undead. However, a century ago Ingrund the Grim rose to prominence in the group, due to her courage and determination in fighting the abominations, and turned it into a dangerous group of fanatics.[1a]

Ingrund argued Undead were not blasphemous because they had been dead, but because they had been snatched from Morr's Realm. Similarly, necromancers were evil not because they dealt with the dead—priests of Morr also dealt with the dead—but because they drew people from Morr’s realm. Ingrund pointed out that doctors and Shallyan healers also drew people back from Morr’s realm, healing those who would otherwise have died. She argued this made them as evil as necromancers, and those they had healed as blasphemous as Undead.[1a]

The Doorkeepers (so-called because they believe they guard the doors to Morr’s realm) thus started a campaign of murder against doctors and Shallyans who healed those with dangerous wounds, and against the healed. Within a year they were discovered by the cult authorities, denounced as followers of Khaine, and hunted down. Ingrund escaped, convinced that the reaction of the cult proved it had been suborned by the Dark Gods. The sect survives, scattered across the Empire, and continues to work against those who blaspheme against Morr. That includes necromancers and the Undead, although as doctors are easier to find, and less well defended, they still make up the greater part of the sect’s victims.[1a]


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