The Dyke is a major, fanatical sect within the Cult of Manann. It began forty years ago when Frieda Coopers had a vision of Manann overwhelming the whole Old World with a great tide. She took this to be a warning from the God that he was angry with Humans, and with her in particular, and threw herself into repentance and to warning others of the wrath to come.[1a]

Frieda’s acts of contrition took two main forms. First, she would spend hours standing in the sea, praying to Manann, and frequently ducking under the water, staying under until she could hold her breath no longer. Second, she tended to injured or sick sailors and fishermen, reasoning that she should help those who were most closely associated with Manann. As she gathered followers, these remained at the core of the sect, and so the priests of Manann and the mundane authorities have not investigated too closely.[1a]

Frieda’s followers have taken the sect in slightly different directions, especially since her death five years ago. Some are deeply involved in building flood defenses, believing the great flood is a test rather than a punishment. Others have come to believe the flood is necessary, and see their watery devotions as praying for the flood to come, rather than repentance to forestall it. One follower, Nathander, has gathered a few immediate followers and is building a large ship in the Middle Mountains, in the belief it will be carried up by the flood, and thus the chosen of Manann will survive to repopulate the world. Nathander’s branch of the sect believes Manann is the only true God, and are more militant than the others.[1a]

Source Edit

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