Life is pain. The world is filled with horrible things and creatures that want nothing more than to wrack the body with hurt and aching wounds. Someone with The Numbness shuts down his body’s feelings until, eventually, he feels absolutely nothing at all. He no longer feels the pain tormenting him, but pleasurable sensations are lost as well. The afflicted becomes careless with his body, subjecting it to actions and situations a cautious person would avoid, resulting in cuts, scratches, burns, and broken bones that could easily be avoided. However, a victim suffering from the Numbness neither notices nor cares.[1a]

This insanity is subtle and insidious. In the first month of this affliction, the victim actually is tougher, but also less agile, representing his dulled senses. He scoffs at or ignores most situations that put him in the way of physical harm. He must use his willpower to avoid doing things that may inflict harm, such as picking up a hot kettle with his bare hands.[1a]

During the second month of this affliction, the Numbness becomes almost complete. He gains even more toughness and loses even more agility. Every time he is wounded, he has to use his willpower or gain more insanity. He becomes particularly dangerous to himself, as he often cuts or burns himself just to see what happens. The person does not become particularly morose, but he gains no pleasure in anything at this point and often ignores the needs of others as well.[1a]

Those with this insanity are often rounded up by unscrupulous Generals, Witch Hunters, and Warrior Priests because they make ideal combatants who engage in combat without care or worry. Followers of Slaanesh have a particular hatred for those with this insanity, as they feel neither the pleasure nor pain of Slaanesh’s touch. If he can feel nothing, the temptations of Slaanesh are diminished or outright repulsed. If someone suffering from The Numbness is ever captured by a follower of Slaanesh, he is sure to be put through the most outrageous and intense of tortures to try to evoke some form of physical response.[1a]


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