Theodora is a retired witch hunter and was previously a bounty hunter and vampire hunter. She has faced Chaos more times than she can count and decided to retire with her sanity intact when one adventure left her with a very large pile of treasure. Theodora can still remember being an adventurer herself and treats fellow adventurers as her peers. She serves the ale that she always used to drink, sits around the table with them, and sends the servants away. However, she would much prefer to reminisce about past adventures than talk about current threats; she really wants to pretend that the threat of Chaos has largely gone away.[1a]

She is in her late forties, and while it is clear that she was beautiful in her youth, the years and various Chaos creatures have not been kind to her. Now, she has a certain fierce dignity and resolve. She wears travelling clothes, like those worn by most adventurers, but closer inspection reveals that they are made of expensive fabric and show craftsmanship of the highest order.[1a]


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