Theodoric of Brionne End Times colour illustration

Duke Theodoric of Brionne.

Theodoric is the current Duke of Brionne, Bretonnia. He almost seems to be two different people. In battle, he is a terror, wielding his great battleaxe to deadly effect. He has faced down terrifying enemies, leaving their corpses on the ground. He always leads from the front and rarely returns unwounded. Among his knights, it is whispered that some war spirit comes upon him, for he seems to take great delight in slaughter.[1a]

Away from battle, the Duke is a patron and connoisseur of music and song. He is the greatest patron of minstrels in the whole of Bretonnia and listens to their stories of love with great attention. He is something of a minstrel himself, and his compositions are competent enough. Indeed, almost all artists can stand to praise them to the skies without feeling they are utterly sacrificing their integrity.[1a]

The Duke is also rumoured to be an enthusiastic practitioner of the adulterous love praised in the songs of minstrelsy. It is said that the noblewomen of Brionne hope this rumour is true, and the noblemen fear that it is.[1a]


  • 6th Edition.

Source Edit

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