Thorgrek hails from the Thunderstone clan, a tribe of Dwarfs who live below the Black Mountains. His people are miners, and Thorgrek was trained in the trade. He had a good eye for gems and for veins of metal, as well as a knack for sensing faults and hollows that even other Dwarfs envied. Unfortunately, Thorgrek also had another trait in abundance—greed. He did not like to share, and after several instances where he hoarded gems or gold rather than revealing his find to his elders, he was strongly encouraged to set out on his own. Though raised in the cosy confines of his tribe, Thorgrek discovered he enjoyed solitude. What was even more unusual was that he also enjoyed travel. Most Dwarfs will happily trek miles underground through caves and caverns but dislike walking on the surface for overlong. But Thorgrek discovered he enjoyed it, particularly hiking up mountains and large hills.[1a]

At first, he tried prospecting and solitary mining, but he quickly learned neither suited him—prospecting was too slow and for too little gain, while mining alone made it difficult to get anything accomplished. Then one day, his pickaxe shattered a section of the cave he was in and revealed a carved chamber beyond. Someone had built a small cairn deep within a nearby cave, and the tunnel Thorgrek had been chiselling abutted its side wall. Exploring the chamber, he found the remains of a Human knight, still bedecked in armour and bearing many of the trophies from his battles. The sight of the gold and gems arrayed around the corpse overwhelmed any scruples Thorgrek might have had about despoiling a grave. He took the treasure and ran, knowing as he did that mining would no longer satisfy him.[1a]

For a time, Thorgrek hunted tombs alone. Then he entered one tomb and discovered a man who had gotten there before him. The man refused to fight him for the spoils, saying there was plenty for both and that they would do better together than either would alone. Something about his calm, friendly manner put Thorgrek at ease, and the Dwarf agreed to work together, for now. But two nights later, over drinks at a nearby tavern as they celebrated their success, Thorgrek found himself and his new friend, Woldred, discussing where to go next, and they have worked together ever since.[1a]

Thorgrek is a typical Dwarf, short and stout with heavily muscled arms and massive hands. He has long red-blond hair pulled back in a thick braid, and his beard is the same colour and also braided. For festive occasions he braids his thick eyebrows as well. Thorgrek is gruff with everyone, but he is fiercely loyal to his friends. His one great weakness is his love of gold and gems, which often overwhelms his common sense.[1a]


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