Unlike improvised thrown weapons, the category of throwing weapons includes knives, axes, hammers, and just about anything optimized for throwing in combat. What makes these weapons special is their construction. A fine balance allows them to be thrown accurately and with a good chance of dealing some damage. Obviously, the heavier the weapon, the more damage it will deal. And because it is thrown, stronger people can deal a great deal more damage than they could with a bow. On the other hand, throwing weapons weigh more than bows and cost more to use in the end.[2a]

Types of Throwing Weapons

  • Throwing Axe/Hammer: The nominal types of large thrown weapons, includes hatchets, small hammers, clubs, and similar types of weaponry. These weapons are usually hand axes or regular hammers that, when thrown, deal greater damage than other thrown hand weapons.[1a][2b]
  • Throwing Dagger/Star: Encompassing darts, knives, daggers, stars, and other small bladed or piercing weapons, these items are smaller and less deadly than the larger throwing axe or hammer. However, they have the benefit of a longer range. These weapons are mostly used by Dark Elves, but have gained acceptance throughout the Empire.[1a][2b]


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