Thunderfire Battlebarge

Thunderfire Battlebarge

The Thunderfire Battlebarge is a huge iron ship with towering gothic superstructures to the rear and immense rocket launchers to the fore. It is a surprisingly agile vessel for its size, churning through the waves towards its enemies.[1a]

The Chaos Dwarf Engineers working the Thunderfire Rocket Battery must be heavily armoured to protect them from the extremely volatile ammunition; the rockets must be handled with great care as they are loaded into the intricately worked launching tubes otherwise they are quite likely to explode. Each rocket is over twenty feet long, and it takes a team of thirty Chaos Dwarf Engineers and many slaves to carefully move them into their firing positions.[1a]

When all is prepared, the rockets' fuses are ceremoniously torched. The resulting explosion scorches and blackens the decks of the Thunderfire Battlebarge, and it is only their heavy armour that protects the Chaos Dwarfs from the back blast. The slaves do not have such protection, and many are incinerated where they stand as the missiles leap from their launch tubes with a deafening screech and fly towards their targets.[1a]

The potential destruction caused by a well-aimed rocket salvo is matched by no other weapon in the Old World, and is fully capable of melting steel plate into superheated vapours in seconds.[1a]


  • Thunderfire Battlebarge


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