The Thunderhoof Tribe was an Ogre tribe that lived north of the Lake of Eyes in the northern Mountains of Mourn, in the shadow of a mountain known as Mount Cragg or Cragg Rock.[1a][2a]


In 2512 IC, the Undead legions of Imrathepis, the Crimson King of Numas, strode out of Nehekhara, sweeping through the Badlands and into the Mountains of Mourn. The Tomb King was defeated after the Thunderhoof Tribe unleashed a Rhinoxen herd into the narrow Daggertooth Valley, crushing the skeletal army to powdered bones.[1b]

However, Tomb Prince Rakaph III, dynastic heir to the Crimson King, set off from Numas a mere decade later to enact his father's revenge. Rakaph III led not one, but a dozen Khemrian Warsphinxes into the Mountains of Mourn to destroy the Thunderhoof Ogres. The hulking leonine statues trekked to the summit of Cragg Rock, which overlooked the Ogres' lair, before battering their stone limbs into the mountainside, causing a titanic avalanche that buried the entire Thunderfoot Tribe beneath several thousand tons of rock and ice.[2a]


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