King Thuringar Orc-hewer has ruled Karak Azgaraz for fifty years. He unexpectedly gained the throne when his father, King Zaladrin Strife-axe, and elder brother, Gunrig, were murdered by a Goblin assassin in 2452 IC. Despite being a white-bearded prince of 500 years, Thuringar is a youngling compared to most Dwarf kings. He is a decisive leader who aims to wipe out the greenskins threatening his hold and eradicate the Skaven from its Underdeep. Many Longbeards disdainfully regard him as a risk-taker, but his aggressive tactics have allowed Karak Azgaraz to seize the initiative from the greenskins.

Prospectors from the hold are now able to strike for gold in the highlands mostly unmolested by raiders, and trade between Karak Azgaraz and the Empire is much less perilous. However, Thuringar’s warriors are deadlocked with their foes, and the king needs a hammer-blow victory to bring true stability to the area.


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