This article is about the rulers of the Nehekharan Undead dynasties. To know more about their origins and factions, see Tomb Kings.

Tomb King 8th Edition Colour Illustration

Tomb Kings are the ancient, long-dead rulers of Nehekhara. Their mummified corpses have been awakened by magical incantations, and their bodies are now inhabited by their undying, vengeful spirits. The Tomb Kings have been reborn to a mocking imitation of life, transformed into hideous cadavers whose kingdoms have been plundered and lost. Bitter and twisted, the Tomb Kings' rage fuels an unremitting need to conquer; they are the true monarchs of the dead, and they are coming to reclaim their rightful dominion.[1a]

Upon their first death, the Tomb Kings were embalmed in elaborate ceremonies. Their bodies were wrapped in pitch-soaked bandages inscribed with magical wards meant to preserve their corpses for all eternity. Despite the skills of the Liche Priests, the Tomb Kings now resemble dried skeletal husks. They are, however, possessed of an incredible strength and can withstand injuries that would slay a mortal man outright. The only known way to truly destroy a Tomb King is to set their bone-dry forms ablaze.[1a]

Revived by the rituals of the Liche Priests, a Tomb King awakens from the sleep of death possessing all the ambition and lust for power he had in life. Every Tomb King seeks to reclaim his plundered treasures and restore his ancient glory. If this means the subjugation and destruction of foreign lands, then the Tomb King's army, loyal even in death, rises from its rest at his command. Although it is the magic of the Liche Priests that animates the Tomb King's army, it is by the indomitable will of the Tomb King himself that they move and fight. Every Tomb King is an aggressive warlord, able to instil their warriors with their own unyielding vigour.[1a]

A powerful curse hangs over the mummified royalty of Nehekhara, striking down those who seek to do them wrong. Tales abound of tomb robbers dropping dead as their blood magically turns into sand or they are engulfed in a ravenous swarm of desert locusts that strip flesh from bone. The most horrible fates are reserved for those that dare strike down these ancient lords in combat - those who would willingly, and foolishly, bring about such a demise are truly damned.[1a]


A Tomb King normally goes to war armed with a khopesh and light armour, but may be also armed with a great weapon, a flail or a spear. He can also take a shield and/or ride a Skeleton Chariot or a Khemrian Warsphinx (in both cases, he replaces their crews), and take magic items.[1b]


  • 8th Edition.
  • Tomb King on chariot (6th Edition).
  • Tomb King on foot with two-handed weapon (6th Edition).
  • Tomb King on foot with sword and shield (6th Edition).


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