Warhammer Chrace

Tor Achare is the High Elf capital of Chrace. Its foundations were laid in the years following the death of Aenarion and it has endured relatively unchanged since those halcyon days. Carvings of Aenarion's foremost generals stare proudly from alabaster cornices, capstones, and finials, in death watching over a people their heroism preserved in life. Statues of Caledor the Great and Aenarion the Defender loom over courtyards, marble giants filigreed with gold and set with glittering gemstones. They tower over the masses just as their deeds eclipse those of their descendants.[1a]

In modern times Tor Achare is a lynchpin of Ulthuan's defences both martial and mystical. Its garrison boasts nigh twenty thousand souls, waiting in readiness for the next inevitable battle. Archers and spearmen, knights and nobles all train within the walls, harnessing six thousand years of combat experience to serve the most disciplined army the world has ever known.[1a]

Tor Achare is also a vital part of the Waystone network. Should it be destroyed, the disruption would unshackle vast tides of raw energy and so doom the entire world.[1a]

Source Edit

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