Amidst the ruin of the southern Dark Lands, the Tower of Gorgoth pierces the horizon like an obsidian dagger. Many years ago, the Chaos Dwarfs discovered rich metal deposits beneath the plateau and established Gorgoth as a mining colony. Today, Gorgoth is a slave labour camp, where those unfortunate enough to have survived Chaos Dwarf raids spend the rest of their days toiling away in its hellish furnaces and deep mines and caverns. Along with the Black Fortress, it vies for prominence and power as the second most important fortress-citadel of the Chaos Dwarfs beyond their heartland on the Plain of Zharrduk. Like the Black Fortress, it also serves as the western headquarters for the Legion of Azgorh, whose master, Drazhoath the Ashen, commands several hellish furnaces there for the production of Daemon-engines and war materiel. A straight road connects Gorgoth with Zharr-Naggrund, passing below the so-called Gates of Zharr in the center of the Dark Lands.

During the wars against the Great Empire of Nehekhara at its height, long before Nagash doomed its people, Chaos Dwarf Lord Bazherak the Cruel was the infamous castellan-commander of the Tower, and his power rivalled even that of the Sorcerer-Prophets. However, his army was defeated by Orcs on the shores of what would later be known as the Bitter Sea, and he drowned there.


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