The Tribe of Shrewd Fulg is an Ogre tribe that lives south of Gash Kadrak and west of the Lake of Eyes in the western Mountains of Mourn.[2a]


Shrewd Fulg is a hunchbacked and grizzled Tyrant who, although far from the strongest of his peers, is as cunning and evil as a serpent. He rules the lands to the northwest of the Mountains of Mourn with an iron fist, ensuring those who annoy him eat poisoned meat or fall foul of the monstrosities he keeps in his menagerie. The Ogres under his rule dare not even break wind in his presence, for Shrewd Fulg cannot abide any kind of challenge to his authority and will have anyone that crosses him turned into a Rat Ogre at the first opportunity. As he has strong ties to the Beastmasters of Clan Moulder, even his Irongut bodyguards live in fear of waking to find themselves transformed into something horrible by the Skaven master mutators.[1a]


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