When Tristan le Troubadour took up the grail quest, Jules his faithful jongleur begged to go with him. Together they roam Bretonnia accepting hospitality in the castles of dukes and barons where they provide entertainment in return for a feast. As they journey through Dragon-infested country, Tristan sings his songs of noble valour to give him courage. The quest has taken Tristan to many battlefields where his talents have been greatly welcomed by the embattled Knights. Their spirits are raised and their hearts made bold by Tristan's songs.[1a]

Songs of Noble ValourEdit

Tristan has a repertoire of heroic ballads of Bretonnia, known as chansons. If Tristan joins a regiment and sings one of these songs, it fills the hearts of the Knights will pride and inspires the unit to heroic deeds of valour.[1a]

  • Chanson de Bataille: This ballad tells of great Bretonnian victories of the past and inspires all who hear it to match or even surpass the courage and determination of their forefathers.[1a]
  • Chanson du Grail: This ballad tells of the Lady of the Lake and her sacred grail. It inspires those who hear it with confidence and faith, dispelling some magic cast against him and his unit.[1a]
  • Chanson de Gilles: This ballad tells the story of Gilles le Breton. It inspires anyone who hears it with pride and honour.[1a]


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