Troll Country

Troll Country is situated to the north of Kislev. It is a wild area between Kislev and Norsca. Because it is situated close to the north pole of the world and the great Chaos Wastes, it has been greatly influenced by Chaos. Nobody can lay a claim on the land, because it is infested with all kinds of beasts, such as Beastmen, Trolls and other creatures born of Chaos such as the Spawn of Chaos. Warbands of Chaos worshippers fight each other and the armies of the Tzar or Tzarina of Kislev as they attempt to cross this wasteland in their efforts to raid the fertile lands of the Empire of Man to the South.

  • The only humans remaining in Troll Country are the "Roppsmen" - semi-nomadic peoples related to the northern tribes who were the original inhabitants of the area known as Kislev. The Roppsmen were forced out by migrating Ungols who settled and then in turn invaded and conquered by the present rulers of Kislev - the Gospodars - of which the present Tzarina Katarin is a member.
  • There are also some Norse settlements from the Aesling-, Baernsonling- and Sarl- tribes in the borders of Troll Country.
  • Area is part of what Kislev people call Oblast, which is basically wild open tundra, known to have severe winter weather.


Chaos Troll ss

Chaos Troll

The land of Troll Country is very harsh. The climate is chilly all year round like Kislev but the more north you go the colder it gets. The land has very little vegetation, however the southern part of troll country has more vegetation than the northern part such as a few scrawny trees and some underbushes. The land is most renowned for the large amounts of trolls living in the country. Stone trolls and river trolls dominate the region but the northern part of the land consist of Chaos trolls, creatures mutated from the taint of chaos making them stronger, tougher, but also more deformed and mutated.

Hell PitEdit

The Lands of Troll Country is a favored hunting grounds for the Skavens of Clan Moulder. There the clans gather all types of creatures to be use in their experiments. The strange home of Moulder is known as "Hell Pit". It consists of nine levels of laboratories, a barracks, a giant colosseum hanging from chains, and a level where their most powerful creatures are kept in pitch darkness. Here, Master Moulder use warpstone, from the huge mines found in the area, in a mad combination of alchemy and genetic engineering to breed all sorts of monstrous beasts for war. To replenish their stock of mutable flesh, the Moulder will strike out into the Chaos Wastes and into Troll Country, to kidnap Northmen and Chaos Spawn already mutated by the ruinous powers. They are a very wealthy clan, and rent out their beasts for other Skaven to use in battle. Their most common war-beasts are the wolf-sized Giant Rats and the enormous Rat Ogres, anthropoid vermin four times the size of a man whose massive, filthy claws can take down even a heavily armoured knight.


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