Tsarevich Pavel was the Kislevite noble who struck the final blow against the Vampire Tzarina Kattarin, ending her rule of Kislev. In more recent times, a secret society dedicated to his name has been founded within the Empire. Following Pavel’s lead, they seek to remove the stain of Vampirism from the noble families. Their motives are not always true, as they care only about those Vampires who threaten the purity of noble blood and their own chances of inheriting, which would drop if their parents became immortal.[1a]

The Tsarevich Pavel Society predominantly recruits male nobles. They are vaguely aware of the Lahmian Sisterhood’s infiltration of the nobility, but they do not know its extent. Their wealth and prestige gives them advantages over other Vampire hunters, but the only reason for their continued existence is that the Lahmians see them as a potentially useful weapon to be turned against the Von Carsteins when they inevitably try to take the Empire again, and the Von Carsteins do not yet know they exist.[1a]

Notable members

  • Heinrich von Wittington - He was getting close when they put an arrow in his backside. One of their Human agents, Dirk Kette, shot Heinrich von Wittington during a hunting trip. That’s what gave the game away, and as soon as he recovers, he’ll get in touch with the rest of the Society, and they’ll cleanse this damned Vampiric taint from his family tree once and for all.[1b]


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