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Tuskgors are a grotesque combination of a great boar and a mighty ram, often betraying signs of other, less identifiable heritage. These savage creatures retain the cunning of their kind, but are entirely animalistic in appearance. These are the pugnacious and stubborn war beasts of the Beastmen, foul-smelling and hunchbacked animals from whose flea-infested forms sprout malformed tusks and horns with drooling maws. Crude, obese beasts, their skin is so thick and fur so matted that arrows or crossbow bolts can barely penetrate their gnarled hide. The Beastmen use these creatures as guards or to pull their chariots into battle.

Tuskgors are not natural creatures but creations of Chaos, and an unnatural vigor burns in their veins. They are tracked and captured by the Beastmen in the deep woods in a frantic and violent chase. It often takes the brute strength of a Minotaur to hold a Tuskgor long enough to bind it, and the axes of the Bestigors to stop the Minotaur eating the Tuskgor once the process is complete. Such an undertaking is fraught with danger, for Tuskgors are vicious creatures, yet with the aid of a Bray-Shaman's art and a lot of muscle, one might be subdued long enough to serve the warherd.

The Beastmen use Tuskgors in a number of different ways. Some are used as beasts of burden, carting off plunder and bound captives from the battlefield. The strongest of the Tuskgors are tethered in pairs and used to pull the warherd's crude chariots, manned either by a Bestigor and his Gor driver or perhaps the chieftain himself.