Tzeentch Great Winged Terror

Tzeentch Great Winged Terror

Tzeentch Great Winged Terrors are constructed in a manner far beyond the comprehension of mankind. They hover on the waves, drifting on winds imperceptible to other vessels. Coruscating beams of energy arc and spit across the Great Winged Terror's bizarre hull and lightning fringes its edges. The Great Winged Terrors are the playthings of Tzeentch, and reflect that Power's magical nature.[1a]

Each Great Winged Terror is extremely resilient, with damage simply seeming to slow it down a little. It is capable of drifting motionless for hours, before suddenly accelerating to an incredible speed and hurtling above the waves to engage its foes. As it passes by, the air crackles and spits with the aura of magical energy that powers it.[1a]

This energy is the raw power of the warp, tapped at its source, and makes a Great Winged Terror's movements completely unpredictable. Sometimes it flies at incomprehensibly fast speeds, glowing white as it powers over the waves and changes direction faster than the eye can follow; at other times it sits motionless in the midst of its enemies, unleashing its pent-up energy in a series of devastating magical missiles.[1a]

When a Great Winged Terror loses the last of its energy it explodes with a flash of light and a loud crack, and the vessel and its crew vanish into the warp, leaving no debris to mark their passing.[1b]


  • Tzeentch Great Winged Terror


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