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A map of Ulthuan.

The Isle of Ulthuan, known alternatively as the Ten Kingdoms is the ancestral home of the Elven race, and is currently inhabited by the High Elves. Ulthuan forms a hollow ring of land, surrounding an inner sea. This inner sea is accessible only at the Straits of Lothern, in the south of the island. Ulthuan is split up into provinces, each with its own character and ways of waging war. Ulthuan was shattered in the distant past, during the Sundering with the Dark Elves, and much of its North and Western coasts now lie underwater. The eastern approaches are protected by the Shifting Isles, a treacherous maze of magical mists and moving sandbanks. Ulthuan is also home to the majority of the world's remaining Dragons, who slumber under the volcanic mountain ranges of the Dragonspine Mountains in Caledor.

Location Edit

Ulthuan is located off the eastern coast of the New World, near the isthmus linking Lustria to the northern lands of Naggaroth. The island currently lies approximately 300 miles from the New World at it's nearest point, though this was less in the time before the Sundering.

Provinces Edit

The provinces of Ulthuan are generally seperated into the Inner Kingdoms, which have part or all of their coast on the inner sea, and the Outer Kingdoms, which face the great ocean. The Inner Kingdoms are often characterised as being introverted and dreamy, while the Outer Kingdoms are more rugged and accustomed to warfare.

Inner Kingdoms

Outer Kingdoms

Notable Cities Edit

Ulthuan paper

Old Map of Ulthuan.

Long years of wars against the forces of Chaos, the Dwarfs and the Dark Elves have caused the steady decline of the High Elves. The cities of Ulthuan no longer bustle with life, but are mostly shells of their former glory. There are still mighty cities to be found on Ulthuan, however. The most notable are listed below:

Places of Interest Edit

Ulthuan is full of places of importance, not just for the Elves but the whole world. A selection of the most important are listed below:

Sources Edit

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